Potential Career Paths With a Masters in International Health

In just about every corner of the globe, disease and injury run rampant, with little help in terms of healthcare or medicine.  People with a master’s degree in International health have heard the call to help these people. Many of them study abroad helping others heal sickness and disease, as part of the Peace Corps or through the university itself. These experiences help you bring care to those who would otherwise never see it, ultimately dying from these problems.

Project Management Jobs

Organizations such as the Red Cross, World Health Organization and Doctors Without Borders make forays into the world to help care for the sick and wounded, especially where areas such as where an epidemic is, or areas where a national disaster including an earthquake or tsunami have struck. You would be responsible for organizing treatment with doctors, establishing areas for medical stations, and be a leader and representative for your organization.

Research Jobs

You can study a particular disease, group of people, or a nation and specialize in it. You can really help a country in need of care by learning about its culture, or learn how a disease transfers to one person to another. You can also assist doctors and medical researchers in finding cures or solutions to problems. You can also educate others as well with knowledge based on the research you create or find. International health students interested in research typically work with health care problems in developing nations or global health care risks.


As someone who knows about health, you can advocate for a change in the way things work to benefit your cause. Things such as awareness, regulation to prevent disease, and teaching people the basics of disease control can help a community, be it as small as a neighborhood or as large as a continent, safe from a disease outbreak, or help prevent injury. As an educator, you can help keep a community stay informed of what to look for, and how to treat basic illness and disease as well. Some schools offer public health tracks within the international health program; if you’re interested in education, this is a good option for you.

Top Online International and Public Health Degree Programs

International health, or global health, is a specialization of public health that focuses on health across national or regional boundaries. Specifically, international health deals with health personnel from one area or nation administering care to individuals or populations in another area or nation. A master's in international or global public health can prepare individuals for leadership positions within international healthcare organizations, such as the Red Cross, World Health Organization, and more. Below are the best accredited online colleges that offer master's degrees in international health and related subjects.

University of Phoenix

The MHA and MSN programs in health care education at the University of Phoenix teaches relevant working skills to help graduates analyze, strategize and effectively put their ideas into action in the workplace. Specializations are available in the most in-demand areas, including gerontology, informatics and education. The MSN trains nurses to take on administrative roles and become innovative healthcare leaders.

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Capella University

Capella University's MPH programs explore the variety of influences that affect the health of communities. The social and behavioral sciences specialization gives an overview of public health issues, health administration, and research; the health policy specialization teaches how policies are created, how to evaluate their effectiveness, and how to put effective policies into place.

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