Masters In International Health Salary

The cost of pursuing a Masters in International Health is often pretty high but the pay off is extremely high once you land in the job market. In essence, once you have graduated with your masters, it could only take a few years for you to pay back your education expenses. For this reason, professionals in this field should make the extra effort by advancing their studies if they intend to enjoy a fulfilling and financial rewarding career. There are several factors which affect the average salary you will receive. These include; the company you work for, work experience, the region or country and the position you will hold among others.

Though that might be the case, there are average salary expectations which can be used to measure your expectations and at least, have a clue of what to expect once you join the work force. In connection to this, it is imperative to note that the field you major in also plays a crucial role in determining your average salary. For a Clinical Research Coordinator the average salary is $47,997, an Epidemiologist is $ 48,198 a Health Educator is $ 43,207, while a Healthcare Consultant gets $ 67,101. On the other hand, those who work in non-governmental organizations get a slightly varied salary. For instance; an Executive Director will get $ 66,616 while a coordinator will get $ 42,250.

It is also imperative to note that there will be an annual bonus which could range between $ 1000 and $ 25,000 or more per year and this is in accordance to the title and position one holds. With Masters, you will also enjoy more benefits and longer vacation periods which will be inclusive of lucrative perks. In addition to this, you will also be considered for promotions and consequently more salary packages while those who have more experience will be overlooked on the basis of the Masters degree.

If you opt to work as Health Service Manager after completion of your Masters, your salary will vary in accordance to the state you are in. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics has named some of the most popular metropolitan areas with these offers. These include; Salinas, California with a salary range of $ 131,000, Lawrence/Methuen/Salem, Massachusetts/New Hampshire with 126,860, Burlington/South Burlington, Vermont with $ 123,290 and Seattle/Bellevue/Everett, Washington with $ 118,680.

Top Online International and Public Health Degree Programs

International health, or global health, is a specialization of public health that focuses on health across national or regional boundaries. Specifically, international health deals with health personnel from one area or nation administering care to individuals or populations in another area or nation. A master's in international or global public health can prepare individuals for leadership positions within international healthcare organizations, such as the Red Cross, World Health Organization, and more. Below are the best accredited online colleges that offer master's degrees in international health and related subjects.

University of Phoenix

The MHA and MSN programs in health care education at the University of Phoenix teaches relevant working skills to help graduates analyze, strategize and effectively put their ideas into action in the workplace. Specializations are available in the most in-demand areas, including gerontology, informatics and education. The MSN trains nurses to take on administrative roles and become innovative healthcare leaders.

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Capella University

Capella University's MPH programs explore the variety of influences that affect the health of communities. The social and behavioral sciences specialization gives an overview of public health issues, health administration, and research; the health policy specialization teaches how policies are created, how to evaluate their effectiveness, and how to put effective policies into place.

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